The Competitive Edge:

In today’s fast paced and ever changing world, we know and understand how crucial it is for you to get moving back down the road. With these key factors in mind we dedicate ourselves to making sure we get you the right parts and service the first time, every time. Whether it be a simple flat repair or an air bag, you need a brake chamber, brake shoes or the s-cam, a light replaced or the dolly legs replaced, our knowledgeable personnel are here to help you. On top of this, we are committed to help make repairs and services as cost effective and as inexpensive as possible. Because of this, we don’t just condemn and replace parts. We assess each and every situation differently and keep you fully informed every step of the way and offer you the highest quality in everything we do.



Tires are a big deal to DOT officers, and they should be to you as well. Whether it is because of low tread, irregular wear due to other components, or just low air pressure, tires are a major concern for roadway safety. We can handle any size tire you need and will set your pressures accordingly to keep you moving safely and comfortably down the road.


Your pins won’t release? Your k-brace is broken from the dolly leg? The brake chamber is dangling in the air? Well yes, we’ve seen all of this and more. Most companies will strongly urge for you to get in to their shop and replace those faulty parts. And who can blame them, that’s their bread and butter. We do things differently though…..we know that your operation is based on a bottom line. Because of this, we believe that if we can reuse or repair something which is already there, why not just fix it. This alleviates the added cost of parts that don’t always have to be replaced and gets you back to doing what you want…..making money.


All trailers range in height, weight and overall size. But, what they all have in common is they all have a LOT of wires. From the clearance lights to the ABS module and everything in between and beyond, there are a lot of wires. Yes, we know the schematics and can locate and repair your faulty wiring issue. Whether it be as simple as replacing a burned out light, rewiring the 7-way receptacle or tracing down a bad ground, we’ve got you covered.


A leaky roof can cost a lot of time and energy for any company if not repaired properly, the first time. With the invaluable tool of preventative care, we try our hardest and do our best to make sure the product you haul stays dry in all weather conditions. Ask us about what simple steps you can take to prevent carrying damaged goods to your client and how we can take care of these needs for you.

Flooring and the Interior

A lot of trailers get really beat up just from standard use. The inner wall panels are falling off, the floor boards start to break apart, or a fork lift hits the thresh plate and rips it up….all standard wear and tear, right. And with so many logistical companies chomping at the bit to take over your account, you should want your trailers looking the very best they can, both outside and inside. Let us show you how we can make your clients’ happy they chose to put their product in your trailer.

So Much More…….

We offer a vast array of care and maintenance for the trucking industry that our simple website can’t truly capture it all. From preventative care to on-site daily maintenance and roadside emergency calls, we can take care of everything from bumper to bumper. While we focus on repairs for 53’ freight trailers, we can repair and maintain your cargo trailers and if needed, your nmotorcycle trailer as well. And yes, we can help with your automotive concerns also……spare tire swap, fuel delivery, brakes and standard maintenance requests. Please give us a call and let us know how we can serve you……..”We keep you rolling for less!”

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